Hi, I’m David (Duchi) Cohen. I was born in 1992 and grew up in Maalot in the Galilee. Currently I live, and create in Maalot and Jerusalem.

 I am an art graduate of the Pardes Art School and a history student at the Open University. Concurrently with working in my studio, I write art reviews in the Shabbat supplement of the Makor Rishon newspaper and on the Erev Rav website. In addition, I am the editor of the art section of Bar, a literary and artistic journal of Yeshiva students and alumni.

However, honestly, you came to my site to see my art, not to read me describing myself. Therefore, I’ll just start with a few sentences that will give context and direction to the images you are going to see. In many of my works, I examine visual elements from the Israeli commemorative culture as they are deconstructed and re-assembled. I deal with two main commemorative languages: the national-Zionist-secular language vis-à-vis the Jewish-religious (and religious-national in particular) one.

I work with a variety of materials and techniques, but I am mainly attracted to sculpture and installation: fabrics, threads, rugs and clothing items are the materials that attract me. These materials connect me to a “soft” and “inviting” strata as well as to traditional Jewish art with which I conduct a long dialogue, through which I consider the place of the “one” within the “together” and the meaning of a sociological group.